About us…

Welcome to a new sports writing platform however rather than focusing on the purity of the sports we all love – it will discuss all Sports Law and Business related issues for those studying the subject and the professionals currently within the industry.

The Student Approach: throughout your time at university, have you found yourself spending countless hours writing many assignments throughout the last 3 years, yet once they have  been submitted it feels as though the work becomes redundant? The Sports Law Report aims to create a platform which can reinvigorate pieces of work that many students spend huge amounts of time on and  investigate a vast range of issues throughout Sports Law and Sports Business.

The benefit to the Employer: the high volume of people competing for places to work at your Law firm, your sports organisation or even directly with you, is increasing year on year. This platform allows you, as an employer, to preview articles and reports that your candidate is producing – either before or after the interview process. 

The Expert Opinion: A platform which promotes and exhibits the work of current industry professionals and also that of new-entry professionals will only reap benefits that comes with publishing their thoughts and views on current issues and topics. The ability to interact with current students and other experts through the comments section will provide the opportunity to debate and discuss different perceptions of the subjects.

“I thought the sports law sector would be boring, but it was unexpectedly interesting.”— Park Ji Sung

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As emphasised above, this platform is aimed to provide a voice for everyone looking to pursue a career, expand their career or maintain their career in Sport Law and Business. Please do not hesitate to contact me, either in the comments below or through the contact page, to publish your piece of work.

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